Once telepathic and energy manipulating beings of great power, the Shaciir race has been splintered into five sub-races:



Step Up Intellect
Step Up Presence
Step Down Physique

Shaciir are the closest descendant to the original Shaciir race on Shah. While their powers are severely diminished from the days of the Shaluum Empire, they are still the closest genetic descendants to that ancient and proud race. Their tendency to spend at least half of every conversation reminding the their participants of that fact, and their own superiority inherent in that aspect is actually one of their less frustrating personality traits. Much worse is their scheming, manipulative, and dominating of anyone they consider a lesser being. Moreso because this includes and non-Shaciir descended person.

Racial Power Sets
Mind Control d8
Shaciir can dominate the minds of any sentient or semi-sentient creature within sight. Once they have gained control, they no longer need to maintain line of sight. In order to dominate a mind, a Shaciir must Mentally Stress Out his target (or the target can Give In To Stress and allow the Shaciir to take over to prevent further Stress and have a chance to resist orders that are too repugnant to the victim). Once a Shaciir has taken over a creature’s mind, any further Mental or Emotional Stress inflicted by someone other than the Shaciir targets the Shaciir instead of the mind controlled creature. If the creature is not Stressed Out and wishes to disobey an order, he may roll a reaction to oppose the Mind Control and regain his own will. A creature who successfully resists Mind Control after Giving In to Stress and following at least one order regains Mental Stress as if he was aided by an ally with a result die equal to his Effect die on the resistance check by spending a Plot Point to retain an Effect die.

Telekinesis d8
Shaciir can move objects with their minds. Objects weighing up to one hundred pounds times the Telekinesis die may be moved.
*Special Effect: Telekinetic Shielding. A Shaciir can use Telekinesis die in reactions against attempts to inflict Physical Stress.

Telepathy d10
Shaciir can read the minds of others and transmit their thoughts. The surface level thoughts of all creatures within three miles of a Shaciir are available as if the creature was speaking in the Shaciir’s native tongue, unless the Creature is purposely trying to block such attempts. Reading deeper thoughts or memories of a creature require a Shaciir to win a mental conflict.
*Special Effect: Psionic Training. A Shaciir can temporarily place his knowledge into another creature’s mind, spending a Plot Point to Step Up any one Skill the Shaciir has at a higher die than the effected creature for an hour.
*Special Effect: Telepathic Switchboard. A Shaciir can act as a mental communications center for a number of creatures equal to her Telepathy die.

Iron Weakness
An Shaciir’s Racial Power Set is Shut Down whenever his hands, feet, or neck are bound in iron or steel.
*Limit: Iron Vulnerbility. Choose to Step Up Stress caused by iron or steel weapons to earn a Plot Point.


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